New Feature Spotlight: My Numbers Menu

You’re Invited!

We’ve been working on some new features that we’re eager to introduce and we’d like to invite our Vumber account holders to start using them now! We’ve got a lot to show, so over the coming month we’ll be spotlighting a different feature each week to get you up to speed on all the new options that will be available. All of these features are functional and ready to be used on your account today, so…

Let’s get started!

Week 2 New Feature Spotlight: ‘My Numbers’ Menu

Accessing these new features is simple; just follow the “Check the Beta Site” link at the top of your Vumber account online and you’ll be taken to the updated site and given full access!

Click the video below to take a look:

Login to the Beta Site to access Advanced Call Forwarding

The ‘My Numbers’ menu serves the same purpose as the ‘Settings’ menu on the Classic Vumber site, but with more flexibility and additional options available. From the My Numbers menu you can:

  • Access settings for each vumber
  • Add a new vumber to your account
  • Download a .csv file of all vumbers listed
  • Alter the nickname of existing vumbers

Using the gear-shaped ‘Configure’ button located next to each vumber you can navigate into the settings menu. Once in the settings menu you’ll be met with familiar tabs as well as new additions. You’ll be able to navigate between the settings menu of different vumbers using the drop-down menu located at the top-right hand side of the screen.

Click the video below to take a look:

Look at everything you can do from the My Numbers menu!

Here are some of the settings that are new in the My Numbers menu:

  • The ‘Fax’ tab: Numbers that are fax capable can be turned on here to automatically detect which incoming calls are faxes, capture those faxes, and display them online and in an email attachment. Note: you cannot send faxes with vumber, but you can receive them. If your number is not fax capable and you’d like it to be, simply contact customer support at
  • The ‘Settings’ tab: this tab allows you to change your vumber’s nickname as well as delete your vumber should you need to
  • The ‘Call Forwarding’ options: Vumber now offers sequential and simultaneous call forwarding, to learn more about these features please look at the previous vumber blog post entitled “New Feature Spotlight: Advanced Call Forwarding”

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