New Feature Spotlight: View Contact

You’re Invited!

We’ve been working on some new features that we’re eager to introduce and we’d like to invite our Vumber account holders to start using them now! We’ve got a lot to show, so over the coming month we’ll be spotlighting a different feature each week to get you up to speed on all the new options that will be available. All of these features are functional and ready to be used on your account today, so…

Let’s get started!

Week 3 New Feature Spotlight: View Contact

Accessing these new features is simple; just follow the “Check the Beta Site” link at the top of your Vumber account online and you’ll be taken to the updated site and given full access!

Click the video below to take a look:

Login to the Beta Site to access the ‘View Contact’ capability!


The ‘View Contact’ menu is designed to help you personalize your experience with a contact; from here you can get an idea of where they’re calling from, who they’re listed as and what their call history with you is.

Click the video below to take a look:

Access specific customer information with the View Contact capability!

From the ‘View Contact’ menu you can:

  • Block the caller
  • Send a text
  • Make a call
  • Add notes regarding the contact
  • View the contact’s call history
  • Learn the location and caller ID for your contact
  • Download any voicemails or call recordings present for the call

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